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Our mission is to make the traditional Finnish sauna culture accessible while educating the public of its health benefits as well as promoting and preserving the long standing traditions of Finnish sauna treatments. 


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We are Sauna60º, a wellness company based in Columbia Falls, founded by two long-time members of the Flathead Valley community, Tanjariitta Anttila and Jennifer Cobet.

Our mission is to introduce the Finnish sauna culture to our valley, aiming to promote accessible wellness, self-care, and stress relief. We are dedicated to spreading awareness about the numerous health benefits of sauna while supporting the overall well-being of our community.

Our name, Sauna60º, is derived from the most therapeutic sauna treatment temperature (60º Celsius/140 Fahrenheit) and the latitude of Tanjariitta’s birthplace in Forssa, Finland, which is 60 degrees.


Chris, Kalispell

birch leaves sauna 60

"Having recently engaged in the men's sauna evening, I want to say "Bravo!" to Sauna60 for making these important and seemingly long lost opportunities for male connection and nurturing. The facilities were clean and inviting. I felt welcomed and relaxed in the process. I liked that each of our comfort levels were accommodated with ease. The setting was peaceful. I really appreciated the experience and will do it again soon!"

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