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We are the first and only Finnish Peat Sauna in the United States. In addition to the powerfully detoxing peat treatments, we offer private sauna sessions as well as other traditional Finnish sauna treatments.


Peat is created through the slow accumulation of partially decayed vegetation and other organic matter, including mosses, sedges, and shrubs, that collects naturally in various wetland areas, like fens, bogs, marshes, moors, and swamps.

Most modern peat bogs started forming approximately 12,000 years ago in high latitudes after the glaciers retreated at the end of the last ice age. For this reason, most peat deposits are found at higher northern latitudes, including in Finland, whose natural climate, geography, and environment are especially ideal for peat bog formation.


Peat contains potent, bioactive ingredients known for their beneficial effects on various conditions. Its fulvic acid and humic substances shield the skin from free radicals, enhance collagen production, and improve skin elasticity, making it ideal for skin, hair, and scalp treatments. Peat also promotes cell turnover, tightens pores, and exhibits mild astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, benefiting those with psoriasis, eczema, or sensitive skin.

Moreover, peat supports internal cleansing and detoxification, making it suitable for whole-body treatments like sauna sessions or peat baths. It boosts blood flow and metabolism, but due to its detoxifying effects, ample hydration is crucial during peat treatments. It's important to note that peat treatments are not recommended during pregnancy.



Monthly Community Women's Peat Sauna 

We offer a community peat sauna for women every last Sunday of the month. The intention is to help create community connections and to make the peat sauna a regular practice for those who wish to attend it without having to arrange a group of their own. 4-6PM. $80 per person. RSVP is required to reserve your space. 


Private Groups - Inquire about availability and prices

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties

  • family groups

  • girls' weekends

  • birthday parties

  • wellness days


Custom packages 

  • Additional treatments

  • Lodging

  • Event space

  • Outdoor kitchen

  • Fire pit

  • Extra touches, such as refreshments or gift bags are available. 

Public Peat Sauna

2 hours


Join this community for group peat sauna organized monthly. Sign up is required. You will be participating with up to 9 other people (of your same gender) from the community. This style of public peat sauna is traditional to Finland and a time to come together as community and get your detox on! You will be guided through the entire experience while you first warm up in the sauna, then self apply the peat, sit in the sauna again while the peat does it's work and then shower off at the end. All shower products and light refreshments included. 

Private Peat Sauna - Half Day Event

3-6 hours

inquire about package prices

Whether your friend group needs a healthy unique gathering or you're celebrating a wellness inspired bachelor/bachlorette party, this is the ultimate experience for your group. The private group peat sauna experience is curated depending on your particular groups needs and desires. There are many extra amenities to choose from that can be customized per your specific wishes. In addition, all experiences include a pre-sauna warm up, self applying of peat, then back into the sauna while the peat does its work- all guided by our Finnish Sauna Therapist who provides traditional Finnish drinks, teaches you some Finnish words and stories! Light refreshments and all shower products are included. 

Couples Peat Sauna

2 hours

starting at $225

Come together with your partner for a life affirming, de-stressing, one of a kind experience, the couples peat sauna is for you. You'll both be guided and left alone to relax and enjoy together. Start off with a sauna warm up. You will then be guided to self apply or apply the peat to each other, go back into the sauna to let it do it's work and come out for a shower and refreshments. Special touches can be customized to meet your wishes - including but not limited to non-alcoholic and organic bubbly, organic treats, rose theme sauna, couples' massage and overnight lodging. 

"The Works"  -  Full Body Peat Treatment

2 hours


This treatment can be done without the sauna and therefore this treatment is suitable for those who may not wish to, or cannot, be in the sauna but still want the benefits of Finnish peat. 

Warmed peat is applied to your shower clean body, initially to your back and legs, as you lay on the treatment table. The peat is then covered to retain the moisture and heat and you are additionally covered in a heated and weighted "peat blanket". The peat is left to act while you relax. A cupping instrument is used to encourage lymph movement once the peat is removed. The application is repeated on the front side of your body and finally a face mask is applied for about 10 minutes. 

Peat Bath

1.5 hours


A peat bath is a gentler way to receive the treatment for anyone whose system is compromised for any reason. You will first get your body warmed up either in the sauna, under a red light or in the infrared sauna. You will apply the peat on your body to initially absorb the beneficial minerals and then you will enter the bath. The bath is replenished with warm water as you stay in it for 30 minutes and continue to self-massage your body. Given that the peat will be in the bath water, its effect is more homeopathic in nature. Individuals with very compromised health will enter the bath with the peat already in the water as opposed to applying it on their skin first. 

Private Peat Wrap

$250 (one person)

This treatment can also be done without the sauna and therefore this treatment is suitable for those who may not wish to, or cannot, be in the sauna but still want the benefits of Finnish peat. 

Warmed peat is applied to your back, after which you lie down on your back on the treatment table. You will then be wrapped in several layers of heat retaining wrap followed by several wool blankets. 

The peat is left to act, during which you can relax in complete peace. At the end of the effect time, a cooling face mask is applied for about 10 minutes. After this you can take a shower.

Localized Peat Treatment

$85 (one person)

45 -60 minutes

The localized Peat treatment is best for folks who have a specific part or area of their body in need of some attention. The localized treatment does not involve sauna and is much shorter in duration that any of our other treatments. The peat is heated up and applied by Tanjariitta to the specific area of the body. 

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